Stephan King’s “It”

  In recent years I have came to dislike the works of Stephan King, and have felt in recent years his work has became stale, and boring.  Still the comtempory world of Horror writers owe so much to this man, and that is something that I will never deny.

The first book I read was It.  My mother, whom was a big fan, introduced me when I was about eleven years old to the mammoth tome.  It took the better part of year to read, but left me fascinated by the killer alien from outer space who fed, let alone on children, every thirty years.  I remember how much this book made me want to be a writer, and shaped my imagination. 

This is one of King’s best tales and is horror at its finest.  When I want to read Stephen King, It is the kind of book I want to read.

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