Same Old Horror?

Does anybody feel that when they pic up a horror story, or any story, it feels like you are reading the same thing, same themes, plots, and characters over and over until you are like, “I am so tired of reading”?  

I have been searching small pubs through amazon and search engines in hopes of finding new and innovative works by little known, or unheard authors.  I have came across a couple I’d like too share. 

The first two are presses that specialize in publishing 19th century Gothic Romance and early 20th century Horror.  I extremely love these two and that is why they are first. 

Zittaw Press: “Purveyors of the Gothic Trade” is a small press managed by Dr. Franz J. Potter and Associates.  Zittaw’s speacialization is Gothic literature which has been out of circulation for more than a century.  Such books as Vendetta by Marie Corelli, The Horrors of Oakendale Abby by Mrs. Carver, and Verney the Vampire  by James Malcolm Rymer are not only examples the 19th century Victorian Gothic novel and that the weird, morbid imagination is just not a 21st century creation, but are just as good now as they were then.    For more info on these books check out

Another great publisher that is producing rare and hard to find reads is Valencourt Books.  Though Valencourt doesn’t seem to manage and control works as rare as Zittaws, they have published the eight most horrific reads  listed in Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey.   Valencourt also has a larger liberary of precious jewels.

A modern publisher I found was Permuted Press.  Permuted Press publishes apocolyptic end-of-the-world speculative fiction.  Some of the titles under there banner that seemed interesting to me were; Cthulhu Unbound I & II, a collection of spinoff tales based on H. P. Lovecrafts famous creation;  Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simons; and Dying to Live: Life Sentence by Kim Paffenroth, which synopsis I found interested because Paffenroth’s zombies have begun to retain their human consciousness and are trying to become human once more. 

There is so much work out there that sounds decent, and is probably great, but doesn’t touch the shelves of a major or indie bookstores.  I am not saying that all of it is great, but I hear a lot of people wanting, needing, a change.  Some have even asked me where pulp fiction has gone.  The truth is…it is here on earth, right now, rotting away, waiting for someone to take the time to find it.  So the question really is, are you willing to look?


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