Hello, and welcome to my blog: thus, may I fancy all your fears, and answer all your inquiries.  For my first post I could not decide for the life of me what I wanted write about first.  There is just so much going on in that big old world that sparks my interest. Most of it boils my blood right out of my skin, and frightens the living daylights out of me.  I find good news a rare jewel in today’s world

So when deciding what to publish as my first post I proposed this questioned to myself: What do I have to say that my reader will want to hear?  What does a blog titled Mind Flayers, Zombies and Ghouls say about what type of material the reader will be reading?  Will this blog be about the horrifying things that are happening around the world; the polar ice caps are melting because we keep polluting the atmosphere with poisonous ozone gases, or maybe the Iraq war?  Maybe Mind Flayers will talk about the next apocalypse.  That December 21, 2012 day, the one the Mayans calculated a millennia ago as the end because their three calendars just sort of end on that day.  What about that asteroid Apophis, you know the one that has hurling toward Earth and may possibly make a big splash in the Pacific Ocean in the year 2029.  What about the increase in earthquakes, solar flares, and crime, would that make a good first impression

Maybe something more subtle then, like fiction.  Horror to be more exact, and what is it.  I thought that I could talk about literature, and how the internet is radically evolving, allowing new ways for writers to publish there works.  How about: Does Free Pay?  Question after questions ate at my soul driving me to this one conclusion, a proper introduction.

Yes, my blog will deal with all of these matters at some point in time, or another.  I will talk both about the literal world, but mainly, this will be a literary blog; which will deal with promoting myself as legitimate author in this new era.  A dynamic era, were what I talk about today will have evolved tomorrow, or have become non-existent. 

 So, H. D. Sharpe is my name and writing is my game.  I have dreamed of becoming one of those NY Times bestselling authors since I was ten years old, but then high school came and like every other boy I became obsessed with girls, alcohol, and joining the Army.  Shortly after the Army discharged me over six years ago, I became obsessed with reading and writing, coveting every book in sight and writing everything that I thought of.

I have since became an English major, and enrolled at an undisclosed university, diligently working to obtain my B.A. in English with a minor in creative writing.  I know that trying to become a published author in today’s world is very competitive, so I will work to achieve my dream.

Following this dream has taught me many things.  Most of all perseverance, but as well, dedication is an absolute and finding time everyday to master the craft is the only way to get my fingers in that slimy publishing market that all writers dream of grabbing and holding on too.

I have came to realize that being in the NY Times Top 10 is nice, but if I would be happy with only a handful of fans who enjoy and appreciate my work.  To me, it’s all about the reader and I want to give them new, innovative stories, while having fun at the same time.

Horror and Dark Fiction, matted with a tinge of tasteful erotica is my medium.  Some techniques I love to employ are stream of consciousness, multiple plot twist, and making the work seem literary and then adding shock value by doing something completely unconventional, and unexpected.  I hope to find revolutionize the industry and hope to push the envelope without being to controversial that I lose my audience.

Another thing I wish to do with Mind Flayers is to give back to my fans and friends by allowing them to post poetry, comments, and blah in an appropriate manner within a section of my blog called “Zombies and Ghouls”. 

There is a lot of past, a lot of future, many interests, and a lot of stuff going on in the world right not that scares the be-Jesus back into me; I have a lot of passion and a lot to share.  So therefore, I wish to foreworn you; prepare you for the madness I am getting ready to unleash upon the world.


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